Wednesday, August 12, 2009

It's Not Just a Burger...

You Texas girls probably already know where I am going with this...

It's a Whataburger.

This is my last Texas post (we have been home almost a month, for crying out loud), but not one of our trips home would be complete without at least one meal here...a Texas institution, the McDonald's of the Lone Star State, home of the BEST ketchup anywhere (not sure why but it is gooood!)...There are very few Whataburgers on the "wrong" side of the state line (did a little research, they are actually in ten states now- say it isn't so!). We did frequent one very close to the border in LA -if I remember right- when Mr. Sunshine was stationed at Ft. Polk.

I think one of the minor reasons I enjoy Whataburger is their great colors and theming. Who doesn't love orange crush stripes with a slice of blue sky? And never was a paper bag more truthful: "Rarely do the fries make it all the way home".

When I was a girl, the old-school Whataburgers were drive-ins, triangle shaped buildings with the roof coming to a point. The first meal I remember eating at a fast food joint after we moved to Texas (that wasn't McDonald's) was- yes, you guessed it- at a What-a-Burger.
In high school, a good many lunches were a large order of fries, lots of that special ketchup and a large Diet Coke. What can I say, I was poor and I had a junk-tooth (but have never ever liked the taste of "real" coke- go figure).

Every time we travel home, a stop at Whataburger is usually our first and last meal in the state (unless we can last long enough to hit a Taco Cabana- Mr. Sunshine's fave). This trip was mid summer and Molly went along, so most meals were drive through (you don't leave a poochy in the car during Texas' 100+ degree summers), but a potty break was necessary for one of us this time. I stayed out in the truck with this sad face....

She was happy a few minutes later though, because, of course, Mr. Sunshine shared a few of these with her:
o fancy ketchup for the Molly though....that was all mine.

Until Next Time,


Lori said...

when are they coming to ohio? you made it sound so good, i want to try it!!!

Coralie Cederna Johnson said...

What an interesting post! I'm not familiar with these burger places but they sound GREAT! Love the little Molly pic! Our dogs love going with us...anywhere!

miss indie said...

Whataburger!!!! :]
Oh my, I would give anything for a Whataburger in Springfield. We use to go to Houston ever summer when I was little, and we ate there almost everyday.
Sooooo good!

Tammy said...

How cool! I love the retro feel to the packaging and that picture of the old Whataburger. It makes me feel warm inside. A tiny bit of the past. Moly is gorgeous! I love her soulful eyes.

cousin Deb said...

I don't like the taste of "real" coke either!

u2rblessed said...

My girlfriend & I (live in AZ now) were just talking about burgers and we couldn't understand why so many brag about In & Out. We both grew up in Texas and think "Whataburger" burgers are the best. Thanks for this post, it gave me fun memories!!!!