Tuesday, September 11, 2007

They like me, they really LIKE me!!

Well at least two extremely intelligent, talented, insightful, creative bloggers out there do! I have been DOUBLE "whammied" with my first blog award- the "you make me smile" award!!! Cassie over at Mockingbird Hill got me first. Go visit Cassie, you won't be sorry (even though she may call you a "fool", it's OK, she only picks on people she likes *Ü*- at least that's what she told me). There's always a great tune playing on her blog, too (note to self- put that on the blog chores list). And BTW Cassie, I absolutely love your "weird" banner! To Kill a Mockingbird is one of my all time favorites and I GOT it!

I also make Tonya from Primitive Paintin's smile, which is funny because she makes me smile...maybe it's our shared love for brushes and paint fumes (and hey, we "prim" painters have to stick together) or the fact that she has a soldier son and I have a soldier husband, I just enjoy visiting her little corner of the web....Thanks Tonya....

And now the even "funner" part....I get to "pay it forward" and share this award with some of my favorites. And the winners are (drum roll please):

Kathi over at Out on a Whim ...because she makes me green...errr smile....with envy at her fantastic flea market finds (plus she's my SSODS sister-'nuff said)....she also lured me to the "dark side"...I am now an altered art junkie, even thinking about doing some scrapping (gasp!)...

Amy of A Main Collection because...well, because she makes me smile! To know her is to love her, hectic schedule and ALL. And she makes the MOST awesome, simply elegant stamped tags, something that is not as easy as it looks (and I tried!)....

Dana, the woman behind Eccentricities Studio ...reading about her crazy life makes me feel boring, but in a good way! Don't know how you do it all Dana, but you do it well and reading about it makes me....you guessed it....SMILE!!

Last, I give a little green flower to Blondie over at Vintage Prims ....because her blog makes me (surprise!) smile and she is a very gracious lady who received one of my crow paintings as a joke gift because the crows were giving her fits this past summer...I got the nicest e-mail from her that, yes, made me smile and I just wanted to (belatedly) say "Thanks!"

You gals make me SMILE!


Tonya said...

You deserve this award, and as far as being inspiring; you had five count them FIVE designs in on magazine now that is truly inspiring. ;-)
I need to get to work on painting some of them, love them all.

Dana said...

Oh my goodness ... thank you Miss Steph!!! I'm so glad I make you smile. I'm hopeing someday I'll look back at my life and know that I made more people smile. Shoot, if I don't try to keep some sense of humor ... I just might end up in the nuthouse for sure! ;o) I'll pay the gesture forward when I've got a few moments to sit here ... thank you again, hope all is well with you!!!


P.S. YOU make ME smile, too! ;o)

Blondie ~ Vintage Primitives said...

Hi Talented Lady! Thanks for tagging me; I will post it and pass it on real soon when I can draw a breath.
And I like my crows the way they are in my kitchen; on canvas, quietly caw-ing and not destroying my garden! Brazen bunch of beakers!