Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Another Contest!

Yes, it's true....FREE STUFF!
I need to build up my mailing list and you NEED free stuff!
Seriously, this is a win/win situation for'll get entered in the drawing; you'll get updates on everything new in the Sunshine -n- Ravioli (website, Etsy, BLOG, whatever!) world and you won't get spam! I won't send updates more than twice a month EVER (honestly, you'd be lucky to get that many...once a month is more my speed, at most) and I will not share your info with anyone else. But if I do ever annoy you too much, you can opt out any time after the drawing day (Feb. 29) and still keep the loot if you win!

All you have to do is go here and sign up for my Newsletter. You've got 'til February 28th- I'll save my magic winner picker from the OWOH giveaway and put every name signed up for the list in. Heck, come back after you've signed up, post a reply on this message and I'll throw your name in a second time! The winner's name will be drawn the morning of February 29....
Most of the loot is a secret (even to me at this point), but the winner will get to choose two patterns from my site. I will build the rest of your mystery goody bag with those patterns in mind.....I promise, it will be good!
So sign up, post a reply, do what you need to do.....just do it by the 28th!


Tonya said...

OH OH I hope that magic winner picker picks me. 2 patterns wee!!

Tonya Hopkins said...

Thanks for the contest. I am keeping my fingers crossed. :) BTW I love your site. :)

Stacy/Creativemuse said...

HOW cool Is this? I am running over asap ...and you can thank the owoh for getting me to you! and I thank them too since you are so wonderful and now I see you are on Etsy and off of Ebay too Yeah for you and Us!
see you around!! Yeah again!

Steph said...

HI Tonya!
Good luck! I've had great response on the website, not so many coming on over you've upped your odds! Hey, did your son get home safe and sound? I'm so happy for you!

Steph said...

Thank you Tonya Hopkins! Good Luck!

Steph said...

Hi Stacy!
I am so thrilled to have a new blog friend! Sorry I haven't done much responding up to this date. OWOH and a few other pressing work deadlines have kept me very busy this past week- not much time for posting....Not leaving Ebay for good, but I definitely won't be giving them as much of my money in the future....and I LOVE Etsy! Such a fun place to be....

Stephanie Perne said...

Hi Steph,
I love your new website and I'm loving your blog too...I'll be here all night cause when I get caught up on yours I see some other links I have to try:)

I signed up on Etsy too and will not be giving ebay as much $$ either! I'm also joining a Lemon Poppyseed Shoppe for primitives only.

Good luck with getting the word out about your're so talented and I love all your my fingers are crossed;)